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IMS Click

A hassle-free way to manage your logistic
and inventory needs

A hassle-free way to manage your logistic and inventory needs

IMS Click is a hassle-free solution for your logistics need. From calculating rates, getting and tracking your products wherever they need to be.

With real-time data and analytics, IMS Click will keep you in charge of your inventory at all times.


Improve The Inventory

Reduce Cost

Eliminate manual inventory data entry and tremdously reduce management labor expense.

Increses Efficiency
and Productivity

By eliminating manual processes, your employees can focus on other important task.

Improves Accuracy of Inventory

You will be able to keep track of your inventory constantly and accurate through our system.

How It Work

Feature Module

Stock Management

Improve stock and inventory tracking experience by automatically updating stock levels and helps to track data accurately.

Matrix Inventory Management

Simplifies inventory management for your products by tracking of matrix inventory groups.

Billing and Order Management

Allows you to create quotation, invoice and order while ensuring data accuracy.

Sales & Pricing Management

Helps smoothen a business in managing custom price lists.

To learn more details about IMS Click, Enquire with us for more information now!